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Do you own a rental property?
Do you own a rental property?

We recognise that landlords have certain priorities for their tenanted properties.

If you want to keep the grounds of your rental property maintained in reasonable shape to keep your tenants happy, but without breaking your budget, we will mow at a frequency and standard to suit.

If your property has common lawns shared with other flats or units, such as a driveway strip, front verge or front yards, we can set up a lawnmowing schedule to meet your needs at a low price.

If you have a commercial premises and you require more regular lawnmowing (such as weekly) to keep the lawns looking immaculate for your customers at all times, we can offer you a great deal.  We can also schedule our mowing to avoid disturbance to your business during opening hours.

We also carry out one-off lawnmowing or property clean-ups.

Whatever your requirements are, talk to us today and we will do our best to accommodate them.

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